pate1 «payt», noun.
1. a) the head: »

Let him to the Tower, And chop away that factious pate of his (Shakespeare).

b) the top of the head: »

a bald pate.

SYNONYM(S): crown.
2. Figurative. brains: »

a notion fit for an idiot's pate.

3. Figurative. a person with brains: »

a shallow pate.

[Middle English pate; origin uncertain]
pa|te2 «pah TAY», noun.
= pâté. (Cf.pâté)
pâ|té1, pate «pah TAY», noun.
1. French. =paste1. (Cf.paste)
2. pottery or porcelain paste used in ceramics.
pâ|té2, pate «pah TAY», noun.
1. French.a paste of finely chopped meat, liver, or the like, with spices and herbs, often served chilled and sliced. »

A superb pate made of saddle of hare, a chicken, a duck, two red partridges ... and a score of other ingredients (New York Times).

2. French.a case or form of pastry filled with chicken, sweetbreads, oysters, etc.; patty.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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